Boeing Stearman – WWII Aerobatic Military Trainer

This aircraft was built as a fully aerobatic military trainer in 1943. Now known as “Lilly Warra” she is the flagship of our fleet. Lilly provides a fantastic platform for passengers to experience true open cockpit flying experience for aerobatic and scenic flights alike. Stearman biplanes are renowned world over as strong and enchanting airshow machines still touring the circuit today. Everywhere we take her she turns heads, a real show stopper. Our fully restored Boeing Stearman meets all CASA requirements for Standard Charter category making it a safe and reliable aircraft to fly in.

  Wing Span   9.85 Metres
  Length   7.5 Metres
  Height   3 Metres
  Seats   2 in Tandem Configuration – Passenger in the Front Seat
  Engine   Continental W670 – 7 Cylinder, 670 cubic inch radial   engine.
  G Rating   +6g, -3g
  Max Speed   186Mph (300km/h)

Backb Ground Cap10C
CAP10 – Aerobatic Trainer

This French built aerobatic trainer is the backbone of our advanced handling training fleet.

The aircraft exhibits superb flying qualities making it not only a delight to fly but a superior trainer. The Cap10 makes for a great transitional aircraft for those looking to fly other high performance aircraft such as the Vans RV family and other sport aircraft.

This aircraft is available for hands on aerobatics for beginners and qualified pilots alike. Southern Biplanes uses the CAP10 in the Silver Wings hands-on experience in which a beginner can learn to loop and roll  in one lesson!

  Wing Span 8 Metres
  Length 7  Metres
  Height 2.3 Metres
  Seats 2 in Side-by-side Configuration – Pilot in the Left Seat
  Engine Lycoming AEIO-360 Horizontally Opposed Engine
  G Rating +6g, -4.5g
  Max Speed 184 Knots (340 km/h)

Citabria BW BG
Belanca Citabria – Basic Trainer

The Citabria (“airbatic” spelt backwards) is the backbone of our Training fleet. A rugged and capable aircraft its uses range from aerobatics to bush flying to primary flight training.

The Citabria has fantastic short field capabilities and is a stable and fun platform for those wishing to experience the thrill of flight. Five Point Aviation, our flying school, trains hundreds of students in a range of courses from beginner to expert levels.

Here at Southern Biplanes we use the Citabria for the Bronze Wings flight and we do warn that this is a highly addictive activity!

  Wing Span 10.5 Metres
  Length 6.9  Metres
  Height 2.4 Metres
  Seats 2 in Tandem Configuration – Pilot in the Front Seat
  Engine Lycoming O-320 Horizontally Opposed Engine
  G Rating +5g, -2g
  Max Speed 141 Knots (260 km/h)