Barnstorming emerged in the United States in the 1920’s as a way for amateur pilots to earn a living thrilling crowds with air displays and joy flight experiences. In the most literal sense, pilots would fly from location to location, landing in paddocks where crowds would flock to have their turn flying in an aeroplane.

Thanks to our principle sponsor Massel, our annual Barnstorming initiative is a modern day salute to the ‘golden era’ of true American aviation and is a chance to showcase the best of regional areas and experience new and sometimes unlikely destinations.

Today, we are keeping this tradition well and truly alive so we too can share our passion for aviation with as many people as possible and showcase some of the most spectacular regional and rural areas of Australia along the way.

Massel Barnstorming Tour 2016

Southern Biplane Adventures are bringing their stunt experiences to regional NSW, sharing their love of flight and adrenaline fuelled aerobatics giving regional communities a chance to experience the thrills of flying in a vintage open cockpit stearman.

Flights will commence on Saturday morning and run for the entire weekend giving residents and visitors the chance to experience either a picturesque scenic tour or mix it up and feel the thrill of stunt-pilot aerobatics in a lipstick red open cockpit vintage stearman, affectionately nicknamed Lilly Warra (after her home town – the Illawarra)

If you’re interested to book a flight, or know someone that is, book online now or contact Southern Biplanes today on either or phone 02 4257 9440 and make the most of their Barnstorming special with flights starting at just $299!